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This is a Facebook group for people who are interested in learning to improve their detailing skills, processes, and efficiency by using my products and processes. We will discuss waterless washing extensively! We will discuss my products exclusively.

Infinite Use Detail Juice is one concentrate that can literally do it all. In concentrate form, it acts as a dressing, but when you dilute it with water, it becomes a monster! It encapsulates dirt and grime, makes the surface incredibly slick, and leaves behind true polymer protection. Check out the videos to find out for yourself how you can cut your detailing time by two thirds by now using one product to do it all! We have also developed a support system for the Infinite Use Detail Juice, for those neglected vehicles out there. Infinite Purpose Cleaner, Juice Boost, Transform Dressing, Fabric Protectant, The Perfect Soap, and Vitality Shield are definitely worth checking out as well. More info about these fantastic products can be found in the item descriptions inside the online store.

Welcome to Garry Dean’s Infinite Use Detail Juice website!

Infinite Use Detail Juice is the brainchild of world renowned, professional detailer, Garry Dean. Garry has been detailing cars for over 20 years and has always been baffled by the complexity of the detailing process. In late 2010, Garry set out to develop one eco-friendly product that could do everything, from wash your car to dress your tires. By December 2011, Garry’s dream had become a reality when he released Infinite Use Detail Juice to the public under his personal line of products, Premium Custom Detailing. Infinite Use Detail Juice is one product that was specifically designed to replace a whole shelf full of products. Did we mention that Infinite Use Detail Juice is completely VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) FREE? Sales of this fantastic product went crazy, and Garry decided that since the Infinite Use Detail Juice could truly detail your entire vehicle, inside and out, it needed its own identity, because of that decision we now have DetailJuice.com. Garry’s services can be found at GarryDeanDetailing.com

When Infinite Use Detail Juice was paired with the Garry Dean Wash Method, the future of detailing was born. In Garry’s effort to simplify the detailing process, he not only needed to slim down the shelf full of products that traditionally required to get a solid quality detail, but he also knew that he needed to develop a method of washing that was safer than waterless or rinseless wash methods and that rivaled the results of a traditional hose wash. The Garry Dean Wash Method was built around the Infinite Use Detail Juice. It would definitely behoove you to look into the Garry Dean Wash Method. Kits are available here to get you converted to the Garry Dean Wash Method and Infinite Use Detail Juice. Garry is positive you will love this product as much as he does, or your money back!