Hello and welcome to our Coating info page. We have 2 traditional style coatings as well as our brand new VersaCoat 13, high build restorative clearcoat and ceramic coating in one. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with our coatings and if you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form on the button bar and we will answer you asap.


For our traditional type coatings like the ones listed below, it is imperative that you a full on hand wash with our Marine Series Foam and Coat Shampoo once every 30 days and use our Juice Boost as a detail spray at least every 6 months or whenever you feel like it in between. If you are in a northern state with road salt or other environmental fallout, it is best to wash every 14 days and apply Juice Boost after each wash. If you need to remove black streaks or other debris from the coated area, we recommend using our Marine Series All In One Vessel Cleaner, followed by a Juice Boost wipe to top up your protection. Ceramic coatings ARE NOT invisible force fields around your property. Coatings are harder and more resistant to scratches and chemicals than paint or gel coat, but they can be damaged by neglect and environmental factors over time. Ceramic coatings truly make maintenance for your vehicle or vessel easier, but they are not set it and forget it. YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK for your coating to do its job! 

This maintenance is most important because it keeps contaminants from bonding and it tops off your protection and will literally make the coating last indefinitely if you keep up with it. We provide the maintenance shampoo and spray when you have us install any of our coatings. Rest assured, we take care of our customers, that’s why we provide the initial maintenance products and any advise you need at zero charge to you.

There are a lot of different technologies in the detailing industry, but we have designed coatings that just simply work and perform better than most in the real world, not just in a controlled lab environment like most other companies push. Our traditional type coatings can be used, if you must, in direct sunlight, or in a “less controlled” type environment. Most mobile detailers have issues finding a cool and controlled environment to polish and apply coatings, but with our Triple Trifecta blend and our advanced curing system, rest assured, you can get a vehicle or vessel coated almost anywhere! A mobile detailers dream!

What is Triple Trifecta Technology and why is it so amazing?

TTT is our industry leading, proprietary blend of acrylic, ceramic and graphene and our advanced hardener system.


  • Superior UVA and UVB resistance.
  • Hard shell wash induced marring resistance.
  • Unique radiant gloss.
  • Minimizes etched and non-etched water spotting.
  • Increased surface tension so Contaminants have a hard time bonding.
  • Years of protection not weeks like traditional wax.
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance efforts.
  • Resist the corrosive effects of salt.
  • Unmatched slickness.
  • Penetrates the surface and hardens in the pores to keep oxidation out of clear coat and gel coat.
  • Slow Curing means that it’s more forgiving for the installer to use.

Elite Master Coat LITE

This is our entry level traditional coating. It has our advanced hardener system and is a dream to apply. This is a very durable coating and it protects from real world environmental elements and wash induced marring. EMC LITE has been proven to last in excess of 3 years in our testing, but with proper maintenance can last indefinitely.

Elite Master Coat PRO

EMC PRO is our strongest and most durable traditional ceramic coating. Ease of use, insane gloss, wash induced marring resistance as well as great chemical resistance makes this coating a top choice for enthusiast and professional detailers alike. We developed this incredible, salt resisting Marine Coating with several major boat builders around the country. They wanted a coating that would allow them to coat the boats during assembly and finish up once assembly was completed. This makes their parts last longer as there is a sacrificial layer that the elements will attack before they can get to the substrate. We have had amazing success with this coating here in the severe salty environment of central and south Florida. This coating has been proven to last in excess of 5 years in a saltwater environment and up to 7 years in a freshwater environment with proper maintenance.

VersaCoat 13 – (Professional Use Only!) Marine Grade Clear coat, ceramic coating and paint protective film, all in one.

This high build restorative clear coat with built in Ceramic Coating was designed to give the maximum in longevity and protection from the elements to your vehicle or vessel. VersaCoat 13 adds considerable amounts of material to maximize protection and hydrate the substrate. VC13 cures very hard, but remains permanently flexible like paint protection film and resists micro-marring and light scratches. The look you get from VC13 is dreamy. “It looks so wet you think you could just dive right in,” one customer told us after we applied VersaCoat 13 for him. These are the future of ceramic and protective coatings. Expect amazing! 

We host an annual training event for these coatings as well as occasional virtual trainings. If you are interested in being an authorized installer and would like to attend one of our trainings, please use the contact button on our button bar above and send us a message.

Ultra High Build Clear Coat & Ceramic Coating in one

Easy Prep – Zero Polishing – Self Leveling – Self Annealing – Defect Delete – Insanely Hydrophobic – Lasts Indefinitely