Most Frequent Questions and Answers

We design all of our protective products to look amazing on all colors.

Juice Boost is the protective polymer additive that you add to IUDJ and IUDJ is the lubricant.

Our Infinite Cut, Infinite Finish, EVO All in One, and Universal AIO are all you need to do serious paint correction to any vehicle. Pair the polish with a foam or wool pad on a dual action polisher and you can remove swirl marks, scratches, haziness, and so much more, on your own!

Strip before polish or protection, wash and protect to maintain your existing protection, and regular shampoo for just maintenance.

Wash, clay bar, strip old wax, polish, strip polishing oils if needed, protect.

The original Infinite Use Detail Juice, Juice Boost, and IUDJ ONE are all excellent
clean and protect choices for matte and satin finishes, vinyl or paint.

We at Detail Juice believe that wax is dead. It is old school technology that we rarely use. Some of our products have an acrylic and carnauba blend but we do not manufacture products that only contain wax for protection.

That depends on what type of protective product you’re applying. Waxes last around 1 month, sealants can last up to a year, and coatings can last years. It’s all up to you and your care level.

Waterless wash products generally provide more lubrication and encapsulation properties that make them better for spray and wiping off dirt and grime than a detail spray. Detail sprays are designed to enhance gloss and slickness, but their main job is to remove finger smudges and very light dust between washes.

Waterless is spray and wipe; this method will absolutely create swirl marks and scratches because there is not enough lubrication to cushion the dirt particles from rubbing into the paint. Rinseless like the Garry Dean Wash Method not only adds much more lube to the mix but also introduces strategic steps into the process that make it less likely that you’ll install swirls and scratches while washing.

We ship all over the world. Due to of the high price and variance of shipping options, our site will only accept orders within the 50 states. International orders are processed manually.  Send us an email with a list of the things you wish to order and we will send you a PayPal invoice including actual shipping costs. Once you have paid the invoice, we will ship your items and email you tracking if available.

Yes, simply send us an email to discuss before you place your order.

Sometimes shipping estimates change or orders get lost or damaged in transit. If you’ve tracked your order and it still says “in transit” days after it is supposed to have been delivered, there is probably an issue with the package. First call the carrier, if they don’t have any answers just contact us and we will look into it for you.

Yes! Shipping is free over $99 here on the site.

Send us an email if you’re having trouble logging into your account and we will look into it and get it figured out for you.

Did you receive a tracking number? If so, track the package with that. If you cannot get results that way, send us an email and we will look into it for you.

Contact us via email and we can modify your order for you.

Absolutely! Thank you for your service! Please contact us via email and we will send you a coupon code to use for 10% off your order and the usual free shipping over $79.

Send us an email or contact Garry Dean directly and we can discuss our sponsorship program to see if it’s a good fit.

Send us an email or contact Garry Dean directly and we can discuss the event to see if it’s a good fit.

We have multiple resellers. Please see the reseller section link at the top of the homepage for reseller info.

We do not have a set schedule of shows, generally. Your best bet is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@garry.dean.35) to find out where we will be and what we have going on. Another wonderful source of info for us is our group on Facebook, Garry Dean’s Detail Juice Nation.

Sorry, we do not mail out free samples, we would go broke if we gave everyone free samples, that just crazy, not to mention, bad business.

Generally speaking, all sales are final. If you have an issue with the performance of any of our products, we would be happy to help you figure out a solution and if we cannot work it out, we will replace the product for you.

Contact us immediately, send us pictures of the damage so we can file a claim, and we will get you another package out ASAP.

Clay bar removes contaminants that are bonded to the paint that do not come off in the wash. Clay does not polish or make the paint shiny. Clay preps the paint for polishing and/or protective product application.

A good rule of thumb is twice per year. Wash and dry the vehicle and put your hand in a plastic bag, and wipe your fingers across the clean dry paint and if you feel rough contamination, you should clay.

Kits are already pre-discounted.

There are too many variables to give these ratings realistically and Garry Dean doesn’t like to BS his customers by creating unrealistic expectations.

We do give you a good starting point but there are so many variables that you should do your own testing based on our baseline on the bottles to see what the right fit is with your specific situation.

Send us an email or contact Garry Dean directly and we can see if your situation is a good fit. If so, we can put a package together for you.

In most cases, you order placed before 2pm EST will ship the same day if done on a normal, non-holiday business day. Some orders may have a longer processing time.

Garry Dean's Detail Juice NATION

This is a Facebook group for people who are interested in learning to improve their detailing skills, processes, and efficiency by using my products and processes. We will discuss Less Water Washing heavily! We will also discuss my products exclusively.