2024 Auto Detailing Pricing

* DISCLAIMER – The minimum job value for mobile service is $120. Payment is due in full when the agreed upon work has been completed. All credit card payments will be charged an additional 5% to cover the fees. All paint correction needs to be done inside a garage or in an agreed upon area out of direct sunlight and away from flying debris. All pricing listed below is based on vehicles in “average” condition. We reserve the right determine whether the vehicle or vessel is in average condition based upon our visual inspection. Other services may be recommended and or are available per your request. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for or your budget will allow, we can build you a custom package to better suit your needs. Thank you, we appreciate your business.

Add Ceramic Coating to any package for an additional $350

Basic In & Out – $55 – $85 (Two vehicles minimum for mobile service) (1-1.5 hr)

Hand Wash / Dry

Clean wheels & tires

Dress Tires

Vacuum interior

Wipe down interior

Wipe door jambs


Deluxe (Our most popular package) – $180 – $250 (1.5-2 hr)

Basic In & Out Package, plus:                                                                                                    

Wipe interior windows

Trunk vacuum & jamb / seals wipe down

Sanitize interior surfaces

UV protectant on interior

Clay bar all painted surfaces

Paint Sealant (up to 1 year of protection)


Ultra Deluxe – $280 – $380 (3-4 hr)

Deluxe, plus:

Damp shampoo carpets & upholstery

Clean all weather mats / carpet mats

Clean headliner

Deep clean & condition leather seats

Engine compartment top side clean

Basic headlight restoration if needed


Infinity & Beyond – Starting at $420 (4-5 hours)

Ultra Deluxe, plus:

Wheel polish & protection

Ceramic spray coating (up to 2 years of protection)

Exterior plastic trim treatment

Complete engine compartment detail

1 step gloss enhancing polish on paint

Glass treatment / water spot removal

Advanced headlight restoration with clear coat


Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Package 1 – $300 – $450   
Wash/ dry
Clay Bar
1 step gloss enhancing polish with ceramic 
Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Package 2 – $700 – $900
Package 1 plus:
True 1 step swirl mark removal and gloss enhancement (for vehicles that are well maintained)
5 year Elite Master Coat – Fast 5 ceramic coating
Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Package 3 – $900 – $1200
Package 2 plus:
Compounding polish to remove heavy paint defects, swirl marks and scratches
Finishing Polish to remove compounding haze, refine the finish and enhance gloss
5 year Elite Master Coat PRO – Fast 5 Ceramic Coating

2024 Motorcycle Detailing

Above & Beyond – $120 (1.5 hr)

Hand wash / dry

Frame & engine degreased

Clay bar paint

Polish & wax all paint

Polish & wax all chrome

Treat all plastics, rubber & wire casings with UV protectant

Remove saddle bags to clean rear wheel & suspension (Touring models)



2024 Marine Detailing Packages

Add Marine ceramic coating to any package for an additional $15 per linear ft

If your boat is on a lift for the detail, you will be charged an additional $100 – $200 depending on the size of the boat and the difficulty level of getting the work done. 

Package 1 – $22 per linear foot

Hand wash / dry

Marine Hybrid Spray Wax

Clean windows

Vacuum interior & compartments

Clean vinyl & apply UV protectant

Clean out cup holders and inside all hatches

Treat rust and fish staining

Shampoo any carpets


Package 2 – $30 per linear foot

Package 1, plus:

1 step minor oxidation removal gloss enhancing polish with Marine Resin Sealant

Outboard polish & wax


Package 3 – $35 per linear foot

Package 2, plus:

Compound, before polishing to remove medium oxidation (2 steps of polishing to remove oxidation & refine finish

Premium Package – $60 per linear foot

Package 3. plus:

Multi-step wet sand to remove heavy oxidation 

Marine Ceramic Coating applied to all stainless and aluminum hardware


Personal Watercraft Package – $350

Wash / dry

1 step gloss enhancing polish on all top and side surfaces

Marine ceramic coating on entire ski including trim


PWC bottom belly liner – $600 for black – $700 for color

Super Slick 2000 applied to belly of ski


VersaCoat 13 – High build restorative clear coat with ceramic coating 

Lasts Indefinitely

$70 per linear foot

Wash / dry

Scrub down all gel coat with oxidation delete prep scrub

Mask off all areas that will not be treated

This product is a spray application only