Aqua Blocker – UV Blocker and Waterproofer


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16 fl.oz with mini sprayer

This state of the art Waterproofing Protectant was designed to protect your carpet, upholstery, vinyl, leather, plastic, neoprene (seat covers), canvas (bimini tops), and fabric convertible tops from soil that penetrates the surface. This protectant will seal the pores of the material it is applied to, making water bead and roll off. It blocks UV rays to prevent color fade and deterioration. It also keeps dirt from penetrating the pores, keeping it looking newer, longer and making cleanup a breeze.

Directions: Clean surface with Infinite Purpose Cleaner. Allow surface to dry completely. Spray evenly over area to be treated. A little goes a long way! Use a very soft bristled brush to work product into fabric. Allow to cure for 12 hours before exposing to water.


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