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The Evolution of Soap! Wash and Protect.

This PH neutral shampoo will pamper your vehicle with thick, luxurious suds and lubrication that last throughout the whole wash. This soap uses the same very durable acrylic we use in Infinite Force Field Coating.
Directions: Shake well. Use one oz of Evo Shampoo per gallon of water in your wash bucket (It generally takes 1 gallon of water per wash for the Garry Dean Wash Method).
This revolutionary shampoo was formulated to be a true wash and protect, all-in-one soap solution. This formula contains the same very durable acrylic as Infinite Force Field Coating. All you need to is was your vehicle with this amazing soap and you’ll get up to 2-3 months of protection from the elements and the sun’s harmful UV rays. This product can be used in place of or to compliment Force Field Boost in topping off the protection from Infinite Force Field Coating. When used independently, this soap is all you need to protect your investment with consistent use. For best results, clay bar the vehicle to remove bonded contaminants prior to starting a maintenance regimen with this soap.


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