Infinite Finish


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16 fl.oz

Removes compounding haze and light swirl marks, oxidation, and enhances shine and gloss! This formula was engineered to work fantastic on automotive clear coat as well as clear plastic headlight lenses. This product contains a priming catalyst the helps Vitality Shield and IDS2 bond better and last longer.

Directions:Use on an inconspicuous area first. Shake well before using. For best results, use a finishing foam pad with a dual action polisher on speed 5. Apply 3-5 pea sized drops of polish to pad surface to prime (depending on pad size.) Use 2-3 drops after pad is primed. Spread over surface to be polished on speed 4-5 in no more than a 2x2 square foot area. Do 2-3 overlapping passes to complete a section pass. Wipe off any leftover polishing residue. Follow with Juice Boost, Vitality Shield, or IDS2.
Body Shop Safe!

Disclaimer: All products were designed to work together as a system, following the Garry Dean Maintenance Program (see If you do not use them together and follow the GDMP, you will not get the most out of these products.


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