16 fl oz

NEW FORMULA FOR 2020! This product now utilizes our proprietary and industry leading Ceramacrylix V3 Hybrid Coating Technology! Now you can ceramic and acrylic coat your porous plastic trim! Works wonders on sun faded SeaDoo Sparks and other plastic trim!

Plastic and Rubber Hydrate – Darkens faded plastic trim – Blocks harmful UV rays to resist sun fade – Repels water – Protects from the effects of saltwater

This state of the art hard plastic hydrating formula is an ultra concentrated and very tough formula for rubber and trim. This formula contains the ultra strong acrylic found in our protective products. Super strong to last long!

This hydrating gel contains UV inhibitors that will keep the sun’s harmful rays from drying out or cracking your rubber or plastic. This formula contains a penetrant that soaks into the plastic and rubber to help protect against dry rot. Leaves a medium gloss. Dries to the touch, no sling formula!

Clean trim with Heavy Duty Vessel Cleaner. Apply two coats of gel with a foam applicator pad 10 minutes apart for every application. Several initial coats may be needed on severely faded and aged trim. Allow around 10 minutes after application for the gel to dry and then wipe off excess with a clean microfiber towel. We recommend re-applying monthly or bi-monthly in a saltwater environment.


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