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This new soap will WOW you with its protection ability and longevity. We are seeing 8 plus months so far and still kicking with this protection!

Its super easy to use and will save you a ton of time and elbow grease.

At retail price, this product only costs around $1.56 per application! What an amazing deal for such quality protection from the elements!

Directions: Put 2oz of this soap in a 32oz foam cannon reservior and fill with water. Spray one side of the car at a time with foam. Put 6-10 microfiber towels in a bucket of just clean water. Use the Garry Dean Wash Method to wash one side of the vehicle at a time with only clean water in the bucket. You can add soap to the bucket, but you’re wasting it. Rinse with de-ionized water if available.

See application video on YouTube.

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16 fl oz, 128 fl oz


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