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As low as .59 cents per use!!

Concentrate – Durable shine that lasts – Contains UV inhibitors

This state of the art Universal Dressing is tuneable to your needs and gloss preference. This is a tire dressing, tire shine spray, trim dressing, and an interior protectant, depending on how you dilute it.

For Tire and Trim gel use straight concentrate out of the bottle
Dilute up to 1:3 gel with water for tire shine spray
Dilute up to 1:6 gel with water for interior protectant

Directions: Shake well before using. When using as a tire gel or tire shine spray, clean tires with Infinite Purpose Cleaner and a hard bristled brush, prior to applying. Apply a line or spray of product onto a foam tire applicator. Then wipe on tires. Level off excess product. Wait 10-15 minutes before you drive the vehicle. When using as a trim protectant, clean trim with soap and water, rub gel into trim. When using as an interior protectant, spray on surface to be protected and wipe in with a clean microfiber towel.

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