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As low as .29 cents per use!

This highly concentrated PH Neutral Shampoo will pamper your vehicle with thick, luxurious suds and lubrication that lasts throughout the whole wash.

Wash and Shine formula! Will not strip your wax or sealant. Ideal for prep and maintenance.

Directions: The label says Add one cap full per gallon of water for rich, full, luxurious suds, but try a half of a cap, it works great! This soap is fantastic in a foam gun. The label says to use 2 oz of soap per 16 oz of water for foam gun use, but you can actually use 1 oz per 32 oz water.

The lubrication this soap provides helped to minimize swirl marks and scratches. Remember to always wash using the Garry Dean Wash Method modified for traditional wash. See our YouTube channel for details. Always store your wash media in a sealed plastic bag to prevent dirt and dust particles from settling in, which could induce swirl marks and scratches.

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