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Vitality Shield


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16 fl oz


This Hard Shell Polymer Coating contains high tech, cross linking polymers, that will harden and cure inside the pores of the surface it is applied to, creating a hard polymer shell that significantly increases the surface tension, reducing the amount of contaminates that will bond to the surface. The hard shell and increased surface tension this coating creates will resist minor wash induced marring, provide massive amounts of gloss, yield amazing slickness, and fantastic protection from the elements.
Directions: Shake well before using. Wash and dry surface to be applied to first. Always clay bar surface to remove contaminants prior to applying this coating. To get the most out of this coating, make sure the surface is free of other wax and polishing oils. Apply a thin, even coat with a dual action polisher and a red, non-abrasive applicator pad. If you must apply by hand, use a foam applicator and spread as thin as possible. When using after Infinite Use Detail Juice, or The Perfect Soap, no additional prep is needed. Apply product to paint, chrome, lenses, and glass. Allow to dry to a haze, then wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth. Can be applied in direct sunlight. Allow a minimum of two hours between layers. It should take around 1 cap full of product to coat an average sized sedan.

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